The Benefits of Comments: Proof from Around The Web

The following exerpts are from articles, conversations and statements from around the web about the benefits of comments and how they work to improve a website.

There are so many benefits of comments as we have clearly pointed out on our site, and these third-party resources just support this fact time and time again.

Comments are the most powerful social signals in the world and just cannot be denied. They are the voice of the people and the ultimate engagment factor.

Nothing and nobody can resist the comments, not even search engines. They’re just too powerful to ignore. If you stop to think about it, comments are what great blogs and social networks are made of.

The Power of Comments – Let The People Speak

“Yes is does. Disqus helps wtih SEO the same way regular comments help with SEO. They’re new content, that Google index and ranks you for.” Source:

“Your post’s comments are also calculated as a part of your post’s content! The number of high quality comments your post receives will also improve the overall ranking of your content.”

“Google is preparing to roll out a new feature that will allow users to leave comments on search results.”

“Just as fuel is to vehicle likewise, comments is to blogs. Commenting leads to conversation which, further leads to building a relationship between the user and the author.”

“Having good quality comments on blog posts benefits both, meaning you are providing value to your visitors, while also showing Google that those users are contributing as a “thriving community.””

“Blog Comments are good for several reasons. The main one’s are:
• They add validity to your post
• They refresh your content (for SEO purposes)”

“Before writing this article and doing this research I thought the idea of comments being a ranking factor laughable. I’ve changed my mind. When done right comments I believe comments give a positive ranking signal.”

“That’s something where we essentially try to treat these comments as part of your content. So if these comments bring useful information in addition to the content that you’ve provided also on these pages, then that could be a really good addition to your website. It could really increase the value of your website overall. If the comments show that there’s a really engaged community behind there that encourages new users when they go to these pages to also comment, to go back directly to these pages, to recommend these pages to their friends, that could also be a really good thing.”

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