Forum Promotion

Blog and website owners regularly hang out in webmaster-related forums or forums related to their niche. So getting involved in some relevant forums and having a catchy forum sig (short for forum signature) attached to every one of your posts is a great way to start generating hot new prospects who desperately need our service.

Forum Code:

Many forums use BBCode instead of HTML code. So you may need the following code in order to create a forum signature.


Best Practices for Forum Success:

– Be helpful

– Don’t spam

PRO TIP: It’s a good practice to make at least 10 posts before ever even attaching your signature or any type of website in your profile (in fact most forums will automatically require this), because if you look like you’re just another newbie stepping in the door trying to promote something, then oftentimes your account will be deleted before you ever have a chance to really get started.

So with forums, you just relax & post and build up your image and reputation so that people will start to trust you and want to click on your sig to check out more of what you have to offer.

REMEMBER: The more helpful and relevant your posts are, the more prone forum members will be to view you as a helpful resource and click on your sig to see what more you can offer them. This is how you will start to generate sales. It’s just basic human psychology.

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