Online Content Marketing Statistics and Social Media Stats 2018

Content Marketing Statistics and Social Media Stats

The following are the latest online content marketing statistics and social media stats that we’ve found. We hope this information will give you valuable insight and help you to improve your content marketing strategy.

We know that there are a lot of stats pages floating around the Internet, but what makes ours different is that we go to great lengths to sniff out the original source of the statistics (or the closest credible most verifiable source that we can find).

We don’t care who says anything or how powerful they are. They can be the President, the Pope, or a Major News Outlet – doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that they can verify the source of their information. And if they can’t, then we can’t trust them, and you shouldn’t either.

Believe it or not there’s a lot of clowns on the Internet that make up stories and spew out bogus information all for the sake of popularity and rankings. Sad but true, but it’s what the Internet has come down to.

That said, we pride ourselves in presenting you with only verifiable data. Enjoy the info and we truly hope that this research that we’ve done on your behalf will help you to better understand, improve and advance your social media marketing and content strategy for 2018.

Social Media and Content Marketing 2018 Statistics

With all this content floating around the web, how will yours stand out?

Please note: Stats are subject to change. These are the most current and verifiable stats that we’ve found during the creation of this content. We advise you to bookmark and revisit this page often as these stats will be updated periodically as we see fit.

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