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User-generated content (UGC) such as comments has been proven to increase content engagement, attraction and appeal.

We understand this concept and work hard to satisfy your needs.

Real People – Real Comments

With our social media agency, you’re getting more than just hits to your site – you’re getting REAL Unique Visitors interacting with your content.

This is Premium Traffic and Ultimate Engagement.

Take the guesswork out and buy Traffic You Can See!

When you see a new comment added to your site or social feed, you know someone has been there. No Guesswork – Simple.

This is how we do it.


We consume your content


We write relevant comments


You are happy:)

BULKCOMMENTS is the Main Source for Relevant Comments

Every living thing has a life source. And when you bring your content into this world it can become a living thing. Because when you feed it with comments, you’re giving it a pulse. And with this pulse, it now has the ability to live on for years to come. – BCN

Our social media agency provides relevant comments for blogs, social media content, forum posts, and more to ignite an effective content marketing strategy.

Quality Service Guaranteed!

  • Our comments are relevant
  • Made from different people in our large Global network
  • Created from multiple IPs and Browsers for better SEO and Traffic Rankings
  • And we always strive to earn your Complete Satisfaction as a valued client!

Why choose us?

It’s real simple!…

  • We are reliable
  • We do quality work
  • We understand this business
  • We have hundreds of commenters on staff
  • We post relevant comments
  • We are the best in this field!-)

With our social media agency, you’re getting more than just hits to your site – you’re getting REAL Unique Visitors interacting with your content. – BCN

10 IMPACTFUL Benefits of Relevant Comments on Your Content

Social Proof

Relevant comments help to increase social signals and liven up your website and social media posts. They provide the social proof that people want and need to see to believe in your content.


Relevant comments are great for search engine optimization being that they build upon your existing content, and many of the comments will naturally contain relevant keywords related to your content. All of this content optimization creates a powerful combustion of SEO optimized content. Furthermore, real visitors interacting with your content will naturally lower your bounce rate, improve time on site and all of those other important user behavior signals that are vital for good SEO.


Relevant comments from different people provide a fresh source of real unique traffic to your website, blogs and social media content.

Traffic Rankings

Relevant comments from real visitors will help boost your traffic rankings being that they come from different IPs and browsers.


Content-related comments can increase your conversions. Whether you need more sales, leads, followers, or whatever the case may be, relevant comments can help you get it. Especially from people who need a little more convincing. It is a known fact that most people tend to follow the crowd.


Relevant comments help to build your online community - and in turn increases your popularity. When people see a stream of interesting comments on your posts, this says to them “Hey, this is where it’s at ~ Join In!”

Added Value

Relevant comments add value to your content. Content with a lonely comment box at the end and no comments to follow looks real sad. No one wants to hang around for that! You need to add some relevant comments to your content and watch as it magically comes to life!


Content-related comments help stimulate new ideas and greater clarity on issues. Just one relevant comment could be just the right insight you need to improve your content, focus or business direction.

Content Expansion

Relevant comments provide you with ongoing content expansion. This user-generated content will keep your content alive – continuing to live on and grow long after you've moved on to other projects. It's the gift that keeps on giving!


A steady stream of content-focused comments on your site will position you as an Authority in your field – not only in the eyes of Google – but also in the eyes of other leading search engines, authority sites and most importantly the People!

Do comments on a page matter for SEO?

Watch as Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, confirms the benefits of relevant comments on a page.

Timestamp: Benefits of Comments

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