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Content Marketing Strategy

Blog Comments SEO Content Marketing Strategy

KEYWORDS drive the web.

Search engines are fueled by keywords which is why blog comments SEO is so important.

And a great way to take your search engine optimization to the next level is by having keywords sprinkled throughout your comments section.

This will heighten the optimization of your content.

Now you can fly past your competition because very few websites are optimized with any comments at all. Let alone keyword comments, the ULTIMATE Blog Comments SEO.

What our clients are saying…

Blog Comments SEO Packages

100 KWC

Delivery: 4 - 10 days

250 KWC

Delivery: 10 - 15 days

500 KWC

Delivery: 15 - 20 days

750 KWC

Delivery: 20 - 25 days

1000 KWC

Delivery: 25 - 30 days

Just tell us what you want…

Simply tell us which keywords you want included in the comments and we’ll take care of it for you.

Yes, that’s right. We don’t limit you to just one keyword. You can supply us with a variety of keywords to work with and we’ll sprinkle them naturally into your comment section – like seasoning on a perfectly grilled steak!

The search engine spiders will eat that sh*t up and your content will wind up getting ranked and found for more of a variety of keywords.

And the more ways that search engines can find you, the better.

This technique works particularly well for long-tail keywords (keywords with 3 words or more).

So if you’re ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, then try our all-new Keyword Comments now.

We’re sure that you’ll like this blog comments SEO strategy because quite frankly we love it!

Keywords everywhere! There’s so many keywords that people search with these days that it’s just hard to optimize for all of them.

But having keywords included in the comments helps you to avoid any SEO penalty for keyword stuffing – all while adding a powerful search engine optimized extension to your content.

It’s like adding icing on the cake!

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?!

Forget about trying to optimize your content with just one or two keywords; the competition is way too stiff for that now.

You need to elevate your game and optimize your content with a variety of keywords flowing naturally with Keyword Comments. This is a far greater content marketing strategy.

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Most people have one-dimensional thinking about
Blog Comments SEO

Blog Comments SEO

When most people think about blog comments SEO, they think about it from the perspective of off-site SEO.

With this approach they scrounge around the web in search of different sites to comment on, primarily just to drop their link in hopes of getting a backlink.

But this is short-sighted thinking when it comes to blog comments and SEO.

Do blog comments help SEO?

Watch as Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, confirms the benefits of relevant comments.

There’s no doubt that Google and other search engines are now paying very close attention to social signals as a ranking factor.
Especially comments: The ULTIMATE user engagement.

How to SEO a Blog

There is another type of blog commenting SEO that is also very beneficial. And this is done by planting keywords in your comments so that your site can grow to be keyword-rich.

Being that the comment section is actually an extension of your article, it is very beneficial to use it to boost your article SEO.

Like Apple says “Think Different”. You have to Think Different in order to press past your competition.

And an effective way to do this is to optimize your comment section – a section that quite frankly much of your competition is sleeping on.

Unique Content Marketing Strategy
You Snooze You Lose. Don’t be like this loser – You’re smarter than that!

So how do you optimize your comment section?

Well, you can wait and hopefully generate some relevant keyword comments…

Or you can take the fastest, easiest and most effective route and outsource the project to us. This is SEO Simplified.

Having our team of commenters inject keyword-rich comments on your site is a game-changer for boosting the on-page optimization of your blog. It’s a great blog comments SEO strategy to perfectly optimize every post that you publish.

And a lot of site owners miss the boat in this area because they are so busy plotting ways on how to generate backlinks that they forget about the power of on-page optimization.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Truth is, if you lay your foundation right, then you really don’t have to work as hard generating backlinks just to get your site noticed.

Just by having your site “sitting pretty”, it will already garner the attention of people and search engines alike just from its very presence.

And all that additional off-site optimization will just be icing on the cake.

And you know what? Oftentimes, effective on-page optimization is all you need to rank certain pages anyway, but you have to know what you’re doing to get it right.

Things that you may have done for on-page optimization:

  • included keyword-rich titles
  • included keyword terms in your content
  • included image alt tags
  • included post tags
  • included header tags: H1/H2/H3
    and so on…

But what about the comment section???…

This could very well be the key element that enables you to soar past your competition!

Buy Blog Comments

Who are you?

Maybe you’re running a blog or informational website with no comment section at all.

Well that may not be such a good thing, especially for a blog.

Just think about it, you’re cutting off the very voice of your visitors – and quite frankly they may end up resenting you for it.

Or maybe… you have the comments enabled but you really don’t pay any attention to “those people” or even bother managing it. In fact, it may even be run-over with all types of spam.

Or just maybe… your comments section does exist, but only with one or two replies here & there. The sad truth is that it’s really just crawling along at snail’s pace, with no real social feel or excitement to it. Maybe things are so dead that you don’t even bother reading or replying to the comments – you just leave them there abandoned and barely breathing…but you already know deep down inside that things are so lifeless that it might as well be dead.

Well ONE thing’s for sure, there’s no doubt that you do care something about your blog or your wouldn’t waste your time blogging now would you?

Well it’s very important that you get some (or more) comments on your site, because it has become crucial in these days and times of SocialSEO.

Now, not only can you have relevant comments, but you can have relevant ‘keyword-rich’ comments.

Keyword comments will help to increase the effectiveness of your on-page optimization.

A variety of keyword comments on your site can end up getting indexed and ranked by search engines. And when this Blog Comments SEO effect starts kicking in, you’ll start to see more targeted visitors headed your way.

Yes, it’s true, many sites get found not only due to their main content, but oftentimes the search engines will pick up the user-generated content (UGC) as well.

After all, this is an extension of your content, so you’d be foolish to think that search engines aren’t paying any attention to your comments section. They’re watching, you best believe that!

How to SEO a Blog

So what does your comment section say about YOU?

Whether you know it or not, your comment section says a lot of things about your content – or even your site as a whole. And it could even reflect on you as a person. Let’s take a look at some of the different scenarios:

No Comments:

“This person must not be very popular. Looks like no one is even interested in what they’re saying. I feel sorry for them. I’m outta here!”

Low Comments:

“Look at this…a few measly shallow comments? Feels like I just stepped into a dead party with only a few bored people sitting around. I’m ain’t sticking around for this… I’m out!”

Lots of comments…but spam:

“What in the hell???… what kinda sh*t is this???… is anybody home???… This site must be abandoned. This is ridiculous! I definitely don’t trust this site. Lemme get outta here before my computer catches a virus!”

Just think about it: Would you let people just walk through your home and trash it? Well your website is your virtual home and you must protect it in the same way.

Active Comment Section, relevant comments!

“Now we’re talkin’ baby! Lots of action here! Lemme grab the popcorn and take a closer look to see what all the ACTION is about!”

Social Media Marketing Strategy

And although those comments may have been the initial thing to grab the visitor’s attention, those little magnets will naturally help to draw attention to your content, so it all works together to create content synergy.

Comments are like cheerleaders for your content; they create buzz around your content and get people all excited!

This is the crowd that found your article interesting enough to hover around and talk about it.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that every one of them totally agrees with all the points in your article. But it does show that your content contained enough oomph to it to cause people to STOP and write a comment.

And as you know, that’s a HUGE compliment in this fast-paced digital world that we live in today.

This is definitely a powerful attractor, and says to everyone passing through that you MUST have something worth checking out.

Now let’s add some Keywords in your comments for greater blog comments SEO!

Adding keywords in your comments section will take your content marketing strategy to a whole ‘nother level. You now have the power to turn a good post into a Great SEO Blog Post!

Now, not only is your post followed by relevant comments, but it also has some very natural keyword-rich comments in the mix as well. This is potent stuff!

Now you have the attention of the people, and you’ve got the search engine spiders even more excited than they already were!

Those spiders were already happy with your content marketing strategy when they saw relevant comments flowing from your posts.
But now, by sprinkling in their favorite food: KEYWORDS – ah this is really a treat for them now and you best believe they’re gonna eat that sh!t up!

Keywords to search engine spiders are like catnip to cats; it makes them crazy excited!!!

Blog SEO

Follow the Leaders…

Many people fail to realize that a blog is actually a social media platform in itself, and that comments are a form of social media content. Facebook, Twitter, and all those other social media sites are smart. See they understand the power of user engagement. And they sit back and let the comments and other user-generated content fuel their platform.

So why not you?

Follow the leaders ⇒ Do what the big boys do and you can have it all too.

Become a triple threat with these SEO blog tips!

Get what you want – Give the people what they want – And give the search engines what they want all at the same time.

It all boils down to action and attraction.

Action is taking the initiative to publish a great piece of content.

Attraction… now that’s the tricky part. This is getting people to take notice of your content and respond to it, hopefully in the ultimate way which is through the written word: Commenting.

But hey no worries, you can accomplish all of this and more through our Blog Comments SEO Content Marketing Strategy.

Blog Comments SEO Packages

100 KWC

Delivery: 4 - 10 days

250 KWC

Delivery: 10 - 15 days

500 KWC

Delivery: 15 - 20 days

750 KWC

Delivery: 20 - 25 days

1000 KWC

Delivery: 25 - 30 days

Give yourself a discount! The Bigger the Package – The Bigger the Savings!

Client Testimonials

Boost Traffic & SEO ~ Increase Your Social Impact ~ Dust Your Competition!

Every living thing has a life source. And when you bring your content into this world it can become a living thing. Because when you feed it with comments, you’re giving it a pulse. And with this pulse, it now has the ability to live on for years to come. – BCN

Don’t need bulk keyword comments right now? Grab a 20 Pack.

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Blog Marketing Statistics

  • Blogs are among the top 3 forms of media used in today’s content strategies. (HubSpot)
  • WordPress users produce approximately 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments every month. WordPress)
  • 51% of companies say updating old content has proven to be the most effective tactic implemented. (SEMrush)
  • In the marketing sector, the top-performing articles are 5,700+ words in length. (SEMrush)
  • 89% of content marketers have used blog posts in their content creation strategy. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Search is the #1 traffic source to blogs across all industries. (SEMrush)
  • 18% of marketers chose WordPress as their website content management system (CMS). (HubSpot)
  • Listicles get twice as many shares than other blog post formats. (SEMrush)
  • 86% of companies produce blog content compared to other types of content creation. (SEMrush)
  • B2B blogs that create educational content receive 52 percent more organic traffic than those that primarily publish content about their company. (Backlinko).
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