Replacement Policy: Our Clown-Free Guarantee

Free Comment Replacement
We are committed to customer satisfaction. So in the rare case that you receive a comment that is deemed to be inappropriate, we have no problem providing you with a free comment replacement as long as you provide a screenshot of the comment(s) – unaltered – be honest.

Once proof is provided, we will verify if it is in fact an irrelevant comment i.e. not on topic. Please be advised that a comment that you just “don’t like”, but is still on-topic, will not qualify for replacement.

Pro-rated Refund
We only want happy customers, so if you’re still not satisfied after we’ve tried replacing any necessary comments, we will give you a pro-rated refund i.e. a refund for the number of comments we have not submitted or attempted to replace yet.

If we find that some users are abusing this policy, then we reserve the right to refuse to do any further business with individuals such as this. We don’t like dealing with scammers, and we don’t scam others. So be fair with us and we’ll be fair with you.

Your website is a public forum
Please keep in mind that your website is a public forum. Therefore, every comment that comes through your site may not be from us.

So how can I tell which comments are from you?

Good question. Well, one thing to note is that we instruct our commenters to avoid including any links in the website field. Also, our members don’t do spammy things like commenting with keywords as their name or any spammy tactics like that. So if you’re seeing comments like this, then no way it’s from our network.
Note: This doesn’t include the blog or gravatar profile link that some platforms such as WordPress automatically attach to a user’s comment.

A Clown-Free Network
We monitor regularly and are very selective with whom we allow into our network. We hand-pick every member that we allow into our network and many of our members have been with us for years. So we can honestly say that we just haven’t seen spammy behavior and problem members such as the above in ages – due to our refined selection process that we’ve perfected over the years.

Our members know that we don’t play. So they’d be foolish to jeopardize their position in our network. True enough, there may be some comments that you may like better than others, but please don’t confuse that with spam. As long as a comment is relevant to your content i.e. content-related, then it’s within guidelines.

However, we do know that anything is possible. So if you feel you’ve found a clown that’s causing trouble to go down and you think it stems from us, then send us over an unaltered screenshot and we’ll do a fair and thorough investigation. And if we find a match, they’re outta here! – and we’ll give you a free comment replacement (or two), no problem. 😉
A Clown-Free Network

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