Replacement Policy

Replacement Policy
Due to the digital nature of the products and services provided here at, we cannot offer full refunds. However, we are committed to customer satisfaction and in the rare case that you receive a comment that is deemed to be inappropriate, we have no problem replacing it.

Pro-rated Refund
We only want happy customers, so if you’re still not satisfied after we’ve tried replacing any necessary comments, we will give you a pro-rated refund i.e. a refund for the number of comments we have not submitted or attempted to replace yet.

If we find that some users are abusing this policy, reserves the right to refuse to do any further business with those individuals.

Note: For monitoring purposes, we will need you to turn off moderation – or approve comments quickly (within 2 days or less).

AUTOMATIC FORFEIT: If you choose not to disable moderation, and we find that you aren’t approving comments within 2 days or less, then you will automatically forfeit your order without any refund. This is a strict measure that we’ve had to put in place due to too many problems we’ve run into in the past with this issue.


Your Commenting Team,

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