About BulkComments

The BulkComments Network (BCN) is managed by a tight knit group of veteran internet marketers who masterminded the creation of a relevant blog commenting service. We simply got fed up of all the sh!t traffic “services” that we came across on the web just trying to promote our own sites.

Seems like every time we turned around to test out a different traffic source, we ended up getting ripped off by some knucklehead operation just sending a ton of bots to our site. Yeah they generated “hits”, but was obvious not real traffic. Real people just don’t behave in such patterns.

So we knew we had to make a change, because too much money and time was being wasted getting duped by fake traffic sources.

The Dawn of the Social Age

So then came the dawn of the social age, and we realized that some of the most interesting and useful types of visitors that any site owner could ever hope to attract are those who actually stopped to say something … to leave their voice … to leave a comment.

But not the spammers who just leave any ole type of comments. We’re talking about the people who left relevant comments. These types of visitors not only motivated us and confirmed that our writings were interesting enough to capture their attention, but it also added to the content and conversation and we even noticed that it helped to boost our SEO efforts too.

…But waiting for the rare relevant comment to burst through all those spam comments was unpredictable.

So we thought… what if we could somehow create a system to get comments on demand instead of waiting for them to come. That would be awesome! Not to mention it would put great power and control in our hands to fuel our own web properties with some of the best web traffic and social signals any website owner could ever ask for.

Afterall, comments are what drives basic human interaction. It’s not a gimmick; it’s not a fad – it’s how we communicate. Comments make the world go ’round whether they’re online or off. They have existed long before the like button, smileys or any other more lax form of user engagement ever existed. And they’re not going away, you know somebody always got sumthin to say:)

So after lots of trial and error, we literally built-up BCN one commenter at a time until we amassed a network of over 1000 handpicked commenters and growing. A real network of people that can contribute to the conversation and share their own unique opinions on virtually any piece of content.

Now instead of keeping all the benefits of this great network to ourselves, we have decided to share our secret weapon with the public, because we know and understand just how hard it can be to create engagement to grow your business – or simply just to get the feedback that you need.

Quite honestly, we don’t want you to get ripped off trying & testing so many scams and flat-out garbage like we did. It’s just very frustrating and something that can literally make you wanna choke somebody, or get burned out and quit.

Well at BCN we don’t BS you around. You’ll always get what you paid for, and sometimes even more!

We pride ourselves on being the main source for relevant comments, and we will continue to be the best at what we do.

So if you want to do business with a breeze and avoid all the stress, then give us a try and we’re sure you’ll love our service just as much as we do!-)

Boost Traffic & SEO ~ Increase Your Social Impact ~ Dust Your Competition!

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