What type of sites do you comment on?

We provide relevant comments on your blog posts, articles, Instagram posts, Facebook pages, YouTube vids, guestbooks or any other platforms that you own or control.

(We do not provide comments on the following topics: Politics, Religion, Gambling, XXX or any other sensitive/offensive topics - if in doubt, contact us first.

What type of comments can I expect?

You can expect relevant comments from real people.
Please Note: Our commenters are Global so don't expect perfect English, just relevant comments from real people.
And actually the variety of comments - "imperfections" and all - is what makes our service more realistic and authentic, because this is how people comment on the web. So do keep in mind that this is not an English test, just relevant comments from real people.

What is the length of the comments?

The average comment length is 1 - 2 sentences depending on the content. For example, if your content is a one-page article, then you can expect 2 sentences minimum. But if it's largely images, then it's usually 1-sentence minimum.

The above is just a general guideline of what you can expect. You could receive longer comments (or if you make a specific request for shorter comments than our standard, we can accommodate that too).

Please Note: We don't get technical and do word counts or anything like that. In addition, our commenters consist of people from all around the world, so of course writing styles will vary. However, we do monitor our network to ensure good overall quality.

Will every comment come from a different IP?

Not necessarily. Sometimes we have users in our network who are students that attend the same schools where the computers there share the same network. Or we may have some users who live in a household that share the same computer, so comments may not always come from a different IP every single time. But overall, you will always get a good mix of IP diversified comments. Quite frankly, unless you have a commenting system where the IPs actually show up on the webpage, then it really doesn't even matter; it's the comments that count.

Please Note: Replies do count as separate comments, meaning that if one of our workers makes a comment on your post and you reply to them with a question - if they reply back, then our system will count their reply as a separate comment.

Do commenters use their real names and emails when commenting?

Due to privacy rights, commenters are not required to use their real name, email address or any other personal/identifiable information when commenting. If they choose to, then that's their business, but we don't require them to. All that's required is that they provide relevant comments.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal and Stripe. With PayPal, you can use the funds directly in your PayPal account - or you'll have the option of using a credit or debit card through PayPal.

Please no echecks, as they will result in extreme delay before we can verify funds and start working. So for PayPal, only use your PayPal funds or credit/debit card option to avoid delays.

Alternatively, you can use Stripe for direct transactions with credit card or debit card.

Do you provide backlink comments?

Our bulk commenting service is not one that involves commenting on different sites with your link in the comments. But rather, it is designed to provide comments on sites that you own or control in order to boost the social signals on your sites.

However (although not advertised) we can provide backlink comments. (Please contact us first for a quote.)

Do you also do product reviews?

Yes, we can do product reviews by request only, depending on the details. These are different from basic comments so contact us first for a quote. Please note: We do not do any fake reviews; it just messes up the ecosystem of the web - so please don't ask. With all product reviews that we accept, any member in our network leaving the review must have actually tried the product (or there must be some way for our users to test out the product/service) in order to leave real and honest feedback.

What are custom packages?

If your order requires anything different from the packages listed on our site (such as rush order, custom time frame, controlling the way that people comment, etc.), then this is considered a custom request and you would need to contact us first for a quote.

Do I have to turn off moderation on my site for you to perform your service?

For monitoring purposes, we will need you to turn off moderation - or approve comments quickly (within 2 days of a submitted comment).

Automatic Forfeit: If you choose not to disable moderation, and we find that you aren't approving comments no later than 2 days of a submitted comment, then we hold the option to automatically forfeit your order without any refund. This is a strict measure that we've had to put in place due to too many problems we've run into with this issue.

Bottom Line: We need your cooperation in order for your project to run smoothly.

Where do I provide my links?

You provide your links to us on our "Thank You" page after ordering.  Be sure to include the number of comments you want per link (10 comments minimum per link).

When will my order start?

We do our best to start all orders within 24 - 48 hrs. However, sometimes if there's a lot of orders in the system, there may be a slight delay. If for some reason your project hasn't launched within 48 hrs, kindly send us an email.

How will I know when my order is complete?

In addition to seeing all the great comments on your site, you will also receive an email confirming the completion of your order.

Why are your prices so low?

We're able to provide you with super low rates due to the fact that operating online enables us to take advantage of lower operation costs. Unlike offline businesses, we have no expensive stores to lease, no expensive phone systems or other extensive overhead needed to operate effectively.

Also, being that we offer a BULK commenting service, we're able to stay in business by doing a higher volume of business.

And most importantly, we strongly believe that by giving you the lowest rates possible - combined with great service, we'll earn your trust as a happy long-term client. So far our clients have been extremely satisfied with our service. 🙂

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