Keyword Research and Analysis Services
To Boost Your Keyword Commenting Project

Keyword Research and Analysis is vitally important to the overall success of your Keyword Commenting Project.

Selecting the right keywords for your site can make or break you.

⇑ Target the right keywords and it will help to boost and optimize your content.

⇓ Target the wrong keywords, and it will drag your site down and garner you low, irrelevant or even zero results.

Keyword Research and Analysis

There’s nothing worse than having a ton of people running through your web property like a leaky bucket.

They visit and then once they get there and don’t find what they’re looking for, they bounce like a hot potato!

True enough it’s traffic, but not all traffic is good.

Targeting the wrong keywords really does you no good and will only increase your site’s bounce rate and lower its reputation. Do you really want that? …didn’t think so.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that you target effective keywords for your site, and moreover for each of your webpages and blog posts.

What Keywords Should I Use

A lot of people don’t…in fact most people don’t.

Good SEO keyword research is a great skill combined with deep insight that is usually developed over time.

Now don’t worry if this is not your forte. Our team has amassed the skills to do all your keyword research for you in order to optimize your keyword commenting project for success.

We go DEEP in our keyword search in order to uncover key words that people in your market are actually using to search. And thereafter, we do keyword analysis to ensure that the those keyword search terms have sufficient market demand and relevance that makes them worth targeting.

And quite frankly, when clients grab our keyword commenting package and supply us with the keywords they want included, it becomes very obvious to us that many of them just have no idea of how to do keyword research effectively.

Most clients are providing us with only very general or broad keywords, and failing to include any long-tail keywords or LSI keywords.

They’re just flying blind in the entire keyword research process, and just not hitting the mark in order to really power-up their project.

And this is why we decided to create this much-needed keyword research service.

And if there’s two things we’re good at, it’s commenting and keyword research – and then combining the two like magic!

So if you’re not skilled in this area, then be real with yourself and outsource your keyword research and analysis to professionals who know how to find keywords for your website that move the needle for your business.

Our keyword research services will save you a lot of time and stress and quickly set you on the fast-track to success.

  • We recommend including up to half the amount of keywords for the overall size of your project. So for example: if you chose 100 keyword comments and want us to do professional keyword research for you, then select 50 targeted keywords below.

Get the Best Keywords for Your Website

50 Targeted KWs


125 Targeted KWs


250 Targeted KWs


375 Targeted KWs


500 Targeted KWs


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