Press Release Commenting Service

Press Release Commenting Service

What can separate a good press release from a great press release?

Hint: Comments!

That’s like unheard of on online press releases. Personally, we’ve never come across a press release on the web with any comments on it.

It’s just always the same ole thing. Some dry low-key promo, oftentimes with a comment box at the end showing “ZERO COMMENTS”. It just scream like who the fk cares!

But imagine, just imagine how much more attractive a press release would look with some engagement. Imagine how your press release would look with some engagement.

We’re talking about powering-up your press release as soon as it hits the public!

You see, with press releases, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Things are just moving too fast and dry up real quick!

So you might as well milk it for all it’s worth while you can.

Press Releases – A Classic Staple

Press releases are one of the oldest marketing strategies on the planet.

But the sad thing about it is that not much has really changed about them since its inception; they basically look and sound pretty much all the same.

Here’s how the story goes… someone (or some company) writes up a press release and releases it out into the wild world.

And then a few days or so later, it dies off and dries up like a raisin in the sun. Yep! That’s how the cycle usually goes…

So if you want to be smart with your press release promotion, then you need to get some activity jumping off on it right when it’s how off the press! Like the saying goes “Strike while the iron is Hot!”.

Because the lifespan and window of opportunity forr a press release is very limited. Therefore, you need to do everything you can while you can to make it a success.

And a great way to do that is by getting some relevant comments on your content.

This is vitally important because everything is all about engagement these days. Content with no engagement is dead. The competition is just too stiff to pussyfoot around.

You need to get some activity going quick, fast & in a hurry!

Because if someone visits your press release and it’s just an empty blast with no engagement, then in their mind they’re thinking if no one else cares about it, then why should they???

And when that feeling creeps up inside a visitor, it’s the kiss of death. They’re off to find somewhere else more interesting that your boring press release.

Yeah it may sound harsh, but hey, that’s the cold hard truth.

So if you want someone to blow smoke up your A, lie to you and pat you on the back – then we’d suggest you hop on along to another site.

But if you want the real truth and reality of the situation, then what you know you need to do right now is to get some buzz going on your press.

This will make your news release shine as bright as possible during that tight window of opportunity that you have.

We can help you to achieve that with our Press Release Commenting Service. Ready? Let’s go!

Press Release Comments

100 PR Comments


TAT: 4 - 10 days

250 PR Comments


TAT: 10 - 15 days

500 PR Comments


TAT: 15 - 20 days

750 PR Comments


TAT: 20 - 25 days

1000 PR Comments


TAT: 25 - 30 days

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