Get Private Website Feedback & Reviews

Private Website Feedback and Reviews

Get private website feedback and reviews from real people.

Find out what visitors really want through honest unbiased reviews.

Gain valuable insight that can help you boost your traffic, sales and conversions.

The only thing we do is make sure our reviewers don’t use foul language to express any disdain they may have for your site, and we urge them to try to do their best to express their thoughts as clearly and tactfully as possible. Otherwise we let it rip!

So if you’re ready to hear the truth, then you’re in the right place. If not, then you might as well click away.

Private Website Reviews

Reviews From The Other Side

Sometimes your professional peers can be overly critical of certain aspects of your website, because they’re looking at it from a trained eye of what they’ve been taught  is appropriate.

But sometimes you just need to know what regular people think.

After all, these everyday people will likely be the ones visiting your site, clicking on your ads and forking out the money to buy your products and services anyway – not some “Guru” in review mode.

Truth is that most Internet Marketers tend to follow the crowd and hop on the latest bandwagon trend – which is why things tend to start looking all the same.

Everybody’s just trying to ride that same train!

And low & behold if you step outside the box, then they’re quick to rag on you about it.

But truth is that everybody just can’t fit on that same train.

Things just start to get overcrowded and played out real quick and even the public starts to notice.

When this happens, it’s the kiss of death for a website owner. Because now everyone starts to lose their competitive edge. No one has any real differentiators; no unique selling proposition (USP).

They’re just cookie-cutter followers flailing in the wind.

So although they may mean well, “professional feedback” from your peers may actually be very flawed and dangerous feedback for you.

It’s kinda like when some “experts” and their yuppie followers rag on & on about how ugly or average some websites are. Or how homemade and amateurish some videos look and how they will NEVER make it.

But yet, when some study pops up that proves them wrong, OH! then it’s all the rage!

Strange huh? Well this is just one example of the type of situations we’re talking about.

You see, the typical web guy would have never given those sites any credit.

UNTIL the results shut them the fu@k up!

Truth is, sometimes what your fellow web professionals see and what the average person sees and feels are just two different things.

This is why you also need to get raw opinions from regular people when considering your creative decisions, not just trained feedback.

This is the type of user experience testing that the best-of-the-best use in order to gain deep competitive intelligence (CI).

Break Away from the Crowd

And find out quickly what the average person feels about your website before you decide to scale things up, or make the mistake of changing something that may not really even need to be fixed.

Professional feedback can be very beneficial, but it is also important to get useful feedback through the eyes of the average website visitor.

This should always be an integral part of your web development process.

This is what our network can provide for you: private website reviews from everyday people.

Now armed with all this insightful data, you can go forward and confidently make creative decisions about your website’s direction.

Dare To Be Different

Maybe the trend is just not really what’ll make your audience click.

It’s like that hot girl that goes for the average looking guy or vice versa…and then you’re left there scratching your head like WTF…WHY??? emoticon confused

Well maybe it’s something that attracts him to her that may not be so obvious to everyone else.

Perhaps it’s his mullet, who knows!

Jy5Wb1I Imgur

Bottom line is that it’s something. It’s that something that you just can’t put your finger on.

This analogy is the same with your website. Maybe your site and concepts that your peers just don’t get or approve of is really a winner in the eyes of the public.

Heck, maybe you shouldn’t change your theme … or your colors … or your logo … or anything else for that matter.

Maybe you should just leave things looking raw and authentic…or maybe you should make some changes (?)

Who knows???…

Well one thing’s for sure, you’ll only find out for sure by getting some solid feedback that you can base your decisions on. That sure beats the hell out of guessing!

Not going through this process (or looking at it from just one perspective) can literally be like shooting yourself in the foot and your website straight through the heart.

Stop wondering and start saving time, money and guesswork by getting private website feedback and reviews from real people.

Benefits of getting reviews:

  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Be more confident about your decisions
  • Avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary expenditures
  • Gain valuable insight that can boost your traffic, sales and conversions
  • Dust Your Competition!

What we can review for you:

  • Your blog
  • Your website
  • Your web pages
  • Your landing pages
  • Your web design
  • Your mockups
  • Your content

Basically just about anything you want.

You can request a general overall review — or you can have your review focused on a particular aspect of your site such as your website’s layout and design. After your transaction is complete, we’ll contact you to set your project up according to your specific needs and preferences.

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