The CPR Method: A Simple & Effective
Content Marketing Strategy

So what exactly is the CPR Method content marketing strategy?

Well, we believe in keeping things simple ’round here. So the CPR Method is an acronym that we’ve devised to represent our own simplified methodology for content marketing – and now we’re sharing it with you!

The CPR Method:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Content Repurposing

That’s it!

Yes, there’s a lot of other facets to content marketing strategy, and as a result, many people get overwhelmed just from the thought of it. But we’re convinced that if you just follow our simple CPR Method, then this alone is powerful enough to keep your content alive & kickin’ for years to come.

Now let’s break down exactly what is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Now notice the key phrase at the end: “with the objective of driving profitable customer action”. That’s vitally important because what you need to understand is that in order to execute an effective content marketing strategy, you can’t just create content for the sake of creating content. You must start creating content with a purpose if you ever want to drive real results.

And the sole purpose of your content should be to motivate your visitors to take a specific action – whether it be for them to subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, share your content — or even to stir a specific emotion inside of them in order to spark a train of thought that will ultimately lead them to your desired action. Yes, if this all sounds like psychology, then well, it is. If you want to become a force within the content marketing space, then you have to go hard or go home.

Bottom line: You can’t just publish random pieces of content that just float around the web getting little to no engagement. It makes no sense to keep pumping out content after content if no one (or very few people) ever gets a chance to see it. In order to become a content marketing powerhouse, you have to start to approach things differently and realize that every piece of content you release into the world is an asset. And the more assets you have out there floating around working for you, the greater results you’ll get.

Now let’s break down the CPR Method shall we?

1. Content Creation

Create content that resonates with your audience.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply write based on what your target market is searching for. And how do you know what they’re searching for? Well, fortunately, there are several keyword tools available today that can help you gain great insight into the mind of your market, and help you to create SEO-optimized content.

Here’s some free keyword tools suggestions to help you get started:

  • Google Ads Keyword Tool
  • Ubersuggest
  • Ahrefs

So just make the content creation load easier on yourself by taking the path of least resistance. Just give the people what they want.

Look at your content like bait.

And then once that bait attracts your ideal visitors, then you can feed them more of what they want, and also things that they need that they may have never even realized. After all, this is part of being a helpful and knowledgeable advisor: guiding your audience with useful tips, advice and recommendations to help them to act in their own best interest.

Now not only are you giving them what they were searching for, you’re delivering even greater value – and thereby adding even greater value to their lives.

Do this and your audience will grow to know, like and trust you more & more – and continue following your lead by consuming your helpful content, buying your products & services, and even becoming raving fans referring others your way.

So whether your goal is to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, or nurture leads – an ongoing content marketing strategy should be a key component of your content marketing mix. In order to stay on top of this, it would be wise to devise a content calendar and stick to a strict content creation and promotional schedule.

Also, be sure to speak in the language and tone of your market. If you sell to businesses, then you need to create content about their business. If you sell to consumers, then you need to create content as it relates to their personal lives.

And remember, if you try to create content for everyone, you’ll wind up creating for no one. Your content must be laser-targeted to your market – else there will be a disconnect and you will fail. So keep it focused!

Always simplify your content as much as possible so that your audience can easily understand and consume it. This will vary from market to market, but the bottom line is that you need to speak their language and deliver your content in a style that they can connect with.

An important word about video marketing:

You can create any type of content that you want for your audience. But if you really want to skyrocket your success in the fastest way possible, then it’s best to take a video-first approach, because it’s no secret that video rules the Web and is now the #1 way to create content online. Just look at YouTube. Need I say more?

So if you not taking advantage of the Power of Video, then you’re really missing out and need to get a jump on it like quick, fast & in a hurry! If you fail to do this, then chances are extremely high that you will get crushed by your competition. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Competition is stiff and that’s just how it is.

Also, keep in mind that most people learn better from video than they do from reading or other forms of content. This is because it appeals to all the senses. In addition, online video can be both free and easy to distribute and also useful as an educational tool. In fact, many people watch videos online to learn about products and services. So it’s just an overall effective digital content strategy. And the great thing is that it’s easy to get started! All you really need is your smartphone camera, an Internet connection – and you’re on your way… So get started now in the World of Video (and if you’ve already done so then double-down on it). The Time Is Now – Opportunity Awaits!

2. Content Promotion

Now once you’ve finished creating your great piece of content, it’s time to promote it!

This is a crucial step in the content marketing equation that most content creators totally miss.

You can’t just “build it and they will come”. It just doesn’t work like that, not anymore. And definitely not for the vast majority of content creators. If you want your content to be seen beyond your computer screen, then you gotta hustle and get the word out. Because hey, if you don’t care enough to promote your own content, who will?

Yeah, you might get lucky and your content may magically get picked up by a major site and go viral! Oh, what a dream that would be.

Well snap out of it!

Truth is that the competition is stiff. There’s more content floating around the web now more than ever. It’s windy out there. There’s somebody (or some company) out there that thinks they’re just as good or better than you. So the more surefire thing to do is just put in the work and get some sparks flying around your content – and then you’ll give it the best chance to catch FIRE!

Now that’s how you do it. 😉

Here’s a few ways to get some sparks flying around your content:

  • Implement a good social media content strategy by sharing your content in every social networks that your target audience hangs out
  • Reach out to any people, companies or other sources that you mentioned in your content and ask them to share it
  • Reach out to people who have shared similar posts and ask if they would be willing to share yours
  • Send an announcement about your new post to your email list, text message list or other
  • Share your content in forums, groups and message boards/online communities that contain your target audience
  • Consider running and advertising campaign to give your new content piece a boost

These are just a few ways to get the word out.

The bottom line is that you can’t just sit back and slack on content promotion. Don’t let your content fall flat and all your hard work go in vain. You need to give your content the best push that you can so that it can truly take off and reach maximum success!

A good rule of thumb for an effective content marketing strategy is to follow the 80/20 rule: Spend around 80% of your time promoting your existing content – and 20% of your time creating new content. Taking this approach will ensure that your content marketing engine continues to run smoothly and effectively for years to come.

3. Content Repurposing

Repurposing your content is the ultimate way to leverage your content.

Just think of content repurposing like a remix of one of your favorite songs.

Now I’m sure that we’ve all heard a cool remix of one of our favorite songs at one time or another. Well that’s content repurposing in a nutshell!

Content repurposing is taking that single piece of content and leveraging it in fresh and unique ways. This is content optimization at its best.

Now make no mistake, it’s not just copy & paste. Rarely ever does that work as an effective content repurposing strategy.

You may have to rework the content a bit by editing, reformatting and rearranging the content, so that it will truly gel well in the new home that it will live. Kinda like rearranging your furniture in a new home that you move in. It’s just may not fit exactly like it did in your old home, so you may have to rearrange the furniture, throw some new pillows or covering over it, get some different backdrops, etc. in order for it to really gel well with its new environment. Well, it’s the same thing with content repurposing.

You can update, remix, and repackage your content for different platforms. Content repurposing works best when the content is still popular or relevant. Also, search engines like content that is regularly updated, so repurposing your content can also serve as a good SEO content strategy.

Repurposing content can help you to consistently update content faster across different platforms. It is also a less expensive way to leverage your existing content by creating unique versions of the same content. For best results, be sure to repurpose your content specifically for each community’s format.

A good example of content repurposing is say you recorded a YouTube video. Then from that Youtube video, you can extract the audio from it and now you’ve got the makings of a Podcast! Then you can grab the transcript from the video, edit and format it a bit, and now you have a blog post! Then you can chop that long YouTube video up into tiny little pieces and BAM! you’ve got some great short-form videos for social media and elsewhere! And then you could even turn some of your best video clips into animated gifs and share them on sites like imgur or giphy! See where we’re going with this?… The opportunities are endless!

With just one piece of content, you can squeeze so much more mileage out of it than you’ve ever even imagined.

If you just take a little time to master the art of content repurposing (or at least realize the power of it so that you can outsource this important content marketing step), then you probably would never have to worry about running low on content creation again, because you now know the secret that the pros use to gain the most mileage out of their content, leaving their competition in the dust!

Note: And this is why we highlighted video marketing in the content creation section above. It’s because by shifting to a video-first content marketing strategy, it lends itself perfectly as a launching pad for the easiest and most effective repurposing at scale.


Now that we’ve shared our CPR Method Content Marketing Strategy with you, we hope that you’ll take action and use this simple, yet powerful system to power-up your content marketing. Regardless of your business size or industry, strategic content marketing is a valuable tool that should be placed upon your highest list of priorities.

Traditional forms of advertising are dying out. People are just tired of all the obvious in-your-face marketing.

Content marketing is a more subtle and informative way to attract the ideal prospects your way. That sure as heck beats having to chase them down all day. So use content marketing in your business to effectively reach and engage your audience online and beyond. Whether your goal is to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, or nurture leads, creating a sustainable content marketing engine should be your driving force.

It’s like bees to honey.

The CPR Method Content Marketing Strategy
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