How to Increase Blog Engagement with Comments
(8 Useful Tips)

How to Increase Blog Engagement
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If you want to learn how to increase blog engagement with comments, then this article will help you.

People frequently see blog comments as a sign of authority, that your visitors are verifying your authority by making the effort to leave a comment. A blog without any comments is often overlooked, for this reason, getting blog comments rolling in is important for the development of your site.

If you know for certain that you are obtaining site visitors but no engagement, perhaps it’s time to seriously take a look at some ways to stimulate some blog comments. Don’t underestimate the power of relevant comments on your blog because they can surely help you to attract even more visitors and spur great interaction. This is powerful on-page/on-site optimization.

Here’s a few things to consider.

1. Enable Commenting

This might seem obvious and may even look like a ridiculous pointer, yet I can guarantee you that some individuals simply forget to enable commenting or have no idea how you can enable this attribute.

Look in the admin area of your blog site and be sure to enable commenting. Don’t just set it and forget it. I would certainly advise moderating your remarks to decrease comment spam being published to your blog entries.

2. Eliminate Any Barriers

There are a lot of fantastic blog sites that deter people from commenting by putting obstacles up like “you must sign up to leave a comment”.

There are only a few websites that I will register with so I could leave a comment and these are market leaders in my selected area.

If you insist on having people register in order to comments on your blog, then that’s your business. But I would certainly suggest switching off enrollment for blog commenting, at least until your site gains in popularity.

3. Have A Clear Identity

Make certain to change your blog site username from admin to something that your customers will have the ability to identify with. Using your name or brand name adds identification to your blog and helps visitors connect and instantly recognize you. This is an effective, yet underutilized strategy for how to increase blog engagement.

Using a gravatar will further enhance your identity. Here’s a great source to create a gravatar:

4. Read The Leading Blog Sites In Your Niche

Find blogs in your niche and look at their material. What material obtains the most comments, retweets, Diggs, and so on.

Study a few of the various blogs and attempt to identify just what in the articles evoked the remarks from the readers, what did the blog site author create that compelled individuals to engage with the article?

Remember to incorporate these winning findings into your posts. If you want to increase traffic to your blog, then you must become a student on the subject of how to increase blog engagement. Always be learning and implementing what you learned!

5. Just Ask

Seriously, often you really need to ask people to do something. Are you routinely asking your readers to comment?

Try putting a line at the end of each article that says something that prompts visitors to comments such as: “I ‘d like to hear your feedback, leave me a comment!”.

6. Rock The Boat

Mix it up a little. Occasionally we get stuck in a specific writing style that we really feel most comfortable with. If your blog posts are a collection of checklists then try creating a How-To Guide (or a different style post) than you normally would. Your visitors will enjoy you for supplying them with a little range.

7. Reward Your Best Commenters

There are bunches of distinct methods to reward your visitors which take the added step and also leave you a comment. For instance, if you’re using WordPress you can set up plugins that enable you to award your commentators in various ways. You could even consider composing a blog post about your favorite blog commenters and the remarks they left. This will certainly permit you, in one-way-or-another, to reward those that take the time to leave comments.

You’ll discover that once a visitor realizes they are being rewarded in some way for commenting, they will usually revisit to leave more comments.

8. Jumpstart Your Comments

On new blogs it can be extremely hard to generate enough visitors in the early stages — let alone comments. If you want a method for how to increase blog engagement with comments in the fastest way, then a good blog commenting service is a source that may be able to assist you with getting your site off the ground at least until your blog starts gaining popularity and generating more organic traffic.

Never underestimate the benefits of relevant comments on your site. They work like magnets and people and search engine spiders are drawn to them. Content-related comments will definitely bring about more authority, better rankings and is a great and often overlooked strategy on how to increase blog engagement.

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